I just want to make those aware of this scam.  There are a bunch of bad people out there that are constantly trying to rip off decent hardworking folk like us.  Here is another way they will try to come at you, and how the scam usually works:

Normally, the scam happens towards the end of the deal actually closing.  Just before closing the buyer will get an email or a call stating that somehow (one way or another) more money is needed to make the deal close, and said money is needed to be immediately wired to an account.  So without further investigation the buyers wire the money and presto!! Money is now into the crook’s hands and buyers more than likely will NOT be able to get the money back.  Here are a few steps to avoiding these and other Real Estate scam situations.

1.)    Ask yourself does this feel right?  Is there anything out of place with questions or items needed?

2.)    Never give your personal or financial information to someone that calls and/or emails you, unless it is from a source you trust and is a phone # or email you know.

3.)    Always contact your Realtor to verify if additional money or personal info is needed.


If you have any further questions or would like to chat or discuss, please contact at one of the following sources:

Tony Garren

Cell phone: (386) 237-7079