Here are some things you should be aware of if you are looking to build a home in Island Estates.

1.) Minimum Lot Size:  No dwelling can be built on any parcel of land that is under 17,516 square feet.  In addition any existing parcel can not be subdivided.  Subdividing an existing parcel of land is strictly prohibited.

2.) Setbacks:  No structure shall be placed 30 feet from the front lot line.  30 feet to the side of corner lot.  20 feet to the side lot line, or 20 feet from the rear lot line.

3.) Minimum Dwelling Unit Size:  No dwelling under 2500 living square feet (this is area under heat and air) can be built in Island Estates.  In addition, there must a minimum of an enclosed 2 car garage.

4.) Use:  You can only build one single family residential homes with an attached garage on a lot which must be approved by the design review committee.  No dwelling unit may exceed the height of 35 feet.  Building accessory to the use of a dwelling may be built as long it is not use for a rental and it is approved by the design review committee.  During construction a building shed or trailer is permitted to be placed on the lot temporarily during the construction process, but cannot exceed 6 months.  Otherwise, no portable tents, trailers, or any other type of temporary  buildings will be allowed.

5.) Businesses:  No business, trade, professional office, or any type of commercial activity shall be conducted in any dwelling or lot in Island Estates.  Placings office signs, business signs, or any type of commercial advertising on the dwelling or lot is strictly prohibited. 

6.) Guest:  Two occasional guest my be permitted to to occupy the dwelling at any one time.  

7.) Insurance Rates:  A unit owner will not be permitted to construct anything that will increase the insurance rate of their lot, the common areas, or the surrounding areas.

8.) Contractors:  All construction must be supervised by a contractor licensed by the state of Florida.  All contractors must meet the requirements set forth by the design review manual and be approved by the committee.