There are many fine eateries in Flagler County and everyone has their own specific item in which I crave.  Here are some fantastic restaurants with food that your family will love.


Omelet:  I love omelets for breakfast.  There is an art when it comes to making an omelet.  There has to be the perfect blend of egg, cheese, and filling.  There also has to be the perfect texture of the egg itself.  The egg can neither be too dense or fluffy or else it throws off the balance of the omelet.  My go to omelet is the meat omelet.  I have eaten this delightful dish almost everywhere in Flagler County and in my opinion is Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill Restaurant takes the blue ribbon.  Located South of pier on A1A.  1848 S Ocean Shore Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL 32136




Baby back ribs:  There really is no contest here.  Captains BBQ located in the Hammock of Flagler Beach is the best around.  I don’t know exactly what they do to these ribs but they really are like candy.  I can get a taste of apple, lightly smoked wood and excellence when I get this superstar.  If you are ever roaming around in the Hammock stop in and try them, they are to die for. Note: If you are going in the later afternoon you better call Captain’s because they are probably sold out, so get there early. 5862 N Ocean Shore Blvd, Palm Coast, FL 32137

Short Rib:  In a close second is the short rib at Baine’s BBQ.  On the menu it is currently $19.95 and that will be money well spent.  This short rib is smoked to perfection with juicy meat on the inside with a hard crust on the outside.  Every bite will make your mouth water and leave it wanting more.  Again, you better call and have them save you a rib if you are going later in the day because this dish to normally runs out fast.  This restaurant is located on the corner of SR100 and Daytona Ave in Flagler Beach.  301 Moody Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Salad with Chicken:  There is a quiet little quaint place with an awesome atmosphere on South 2nd Street in Flagler Beach called Vessel. They have a salad w/ smoked chicken that is on the lite side of a luncheon.  This little number is tasty and packs a real punch.  It has fresh mixed greens with a mound of wonderfully smoked chicken.  Ranch is usually severed with this dish but when I order this item I get the lemon dressing.  There really is only one word for this lite salad…. Yummy!  213 S 2nd St #4, Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Gyro:  There is a little delightful Greek spot you should check out.  They have one of the best Gyros I have ever tasted.  The owner is a great guy and cooks his food from the heart using family old recipes that will leave you in awe.  If you want to get the best gyro then visit Super Gyro located at 205-A S 2nd Street Flagler Beach Florida.  Your taste buds won’t be disappointed.  You can also visit Super Gyro on Facebook



Swordfish:  The swordfish at the Island Grille is just amazing.  Every dish I have eaten at this restaurant has been extremely well thought out with sauces and cooking procedures.  Even with that said, the swordfish is my favorite.  This dish offers grilled swordfish with a coconut pineapple rum sauce and is accompanied with coconut ginger basmati rice and the vegetable of the day.  You will not be disappointed with this artful masterpiece.  1224 S Ocean Shore Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL 32136